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WAKA - Group Voice Chat with Real People

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Description of Waka Apk

?A good day starts with a positive conversation. Talk freely about whatever you like.?
In WAKA you will get laughs, happiness, new friends, you will relax... Make friends and find yours with who you can share the same interests. If you want to put more fun into your life, trust me, download this app because WAKA is a super voice chat party online!

Join a Free Seat to Chat & Free Private Chat Room
WAKA is an absolutely free voice chat app! You can create a private room or talk to friends in a voice chat group, it will be free of charge.
In WAKA, you can enjoy a fluent, high-quality voice chat, where you can speak your mind freely.

Play games while chatting
You can play games like UNO while chatting in Room. Game is free on WAKA. You can play games with people all over the world anytime.

Free group voice chat
Create a group voice chat room, invite friends or wait for strangers to join in the chat room, use text or voice to chat with friends, enjoy the fun of a great voice chat party.

Voice chat tag
You can add topic tags to your voice chat rooms. There are different chat tags for chatting, entertainment, singing, and tons more. You can choose the chat room which you are interested in according to the topic. The tag will help you find friends with the same interests more accurately so that you guys will have more topics to talk about.

Awesome virtual gifts
WAKA offers lots of amazing virtual gifts, strengthen the friendship between you and your friends by sending cute virtual gifts. Everyone likes receiving gifts from others. Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.

Easy to register
Use a message and Facebook to sign up for a WAKA account. It is easier and saves you more time. Enjoy your voice chat experience quickly and easily.