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Waking Alarm Clock

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Description of Waking Alarm Clock Apk

Waking Alarm Clock app is designed for heavy sleepers and requires its users to continuously keep the phone moving for specified time in order to stop the alarm.


- Take your phone for a short walk to stop the alarm or just put it in your pocket and prepare some coffee. You can also do some warm up exercises with the phone in your hand or pocket to stop the alarm.

- Touch Free operation. Once the Alarm has been triggered, the user does not need to press any physical or onscreen button.

- Smart Snooze. A short snooze is performed automatically based on your interaction with the phone. This can help you avoid awkward noise situation. Smart Snooze duration can be adjusted through settings and more options. Decrease the smart snooze duration to make the Alarm Clock more annoying.

- Angry Mode. If enabled, Angry Mode will be triggered if your alarm has been ringing for some time (Angry Mode trigger time). On entering angry alarm mode, the alarm clock will switch to secondary settings(Angry Mode settings) and change the alarm Ringtone, Smart Snooze duration and Sensitivity accordingly.

- Highly Customizable. This app can be customised to suit all types of users.

- Highly Optimised. Download size is less than 2 MB.

If you are facing any issues with this app, feel free to contact at discord.
Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/Rjqd9nF