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WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp Inc.

Description of Whatsapp APK

Whatsapp is the most popular online messaging app used by people. Due to it's demand among the users, whatsapp was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

Some of the main things for which Whatsapp is used a lot are:

  • 1 to 1 Text Messaging on Whatsapp - One of the most important use cases of Whatsapp apk is the online text messaging. You can message anyone if you have the contact number of the person & an active internet connection.

    • The messaging on Whatsapp app is very simple & reliable.
    • You can send normal text messages.
    • You can use smileys in the messages.
    • If the message is not delivered to the person because of no internet connection or some other reason then a single tick is shown next to the text message. If the message gets delivered then it shows 2 ticks in front of that particular message. If the user has read the message then 2 ticks colour gets changed to Blue colour.
  • Whatsapp Group Chat - The second most important use case of Whatsapp is the option of creating Whatsapp Chat groups. You can create Whatsapp Groups & add your friends, family or colleagues in the group & have a chat with all of those at one place. Works great for quick catch up with your closed ones. Helps you to be in touch with people you care about.

  • Whatsapp voice & video calls - If you don't like text messaging much but want to talk to your loved ones on calls then Whatsapp app has got it covered for you. You can use Whatsapp for calling anyone individually or call multiple together in a group. The call can be either a audio call in which the video won't be visible or you can do a video call with upto 8 people at once. Isn't it great?

  • Whatsapp Web & Whatsapp Desktop - You can even access Whatsapp from your laptop through web or through Whatsapp Desktop application so that your conversations don't stop if you don't have your phone with you. All you need is an internet connection & any device in which the internet can run.

  • Secure conversations - All the chats in whatsapp are End-to-end encrypted which means that when any message is sent from one person to another then the message can't be read by whatsapp since the message is totally encrypted while getting transferred from one contact to another which makes Whatsapp apk 100% safe & secure.

  • Share Photos & Videos on Whatsapp - You can send photos & videos on whatsapp to any of your contacts in a single click. These features make whatsapp one of the best messengers in the world. Whatsapp app has been famous so much that on every website, you can see an option to share anything that is available on the web to your whatsapp contact or whatsapp group as the very first option since most of the smartphone users use Whatsapp.

  • Documents sharing on Whatsapp - You can even send documents to your Whatsapp contacts. These days sharing document has been a big need so download Whatsapp app now so that you don't have to send the document over mail or something which is very much time consuming & not very casual.

  • Whatsapp Voice Messages - If you don't want to write long text messages but you don't want to call as well then there is a middle ground. You can record your voice & send it as a audio clip which is very much appreciated by users & has been in use a lot. Best part about it is that you can say your thing through audio clip & the person can listen to it later whenever they are available. They can even listen to it again & again if there is a need.

  • Whatsapp Status - You can set a Whatsapp Status which remains active for 24 hours straight. All the contacts which are saved in your phone & are available on Whatsapp apk can see your status & reply to it from status page itself. The reply comes to you directly as a DM. You can share multiple status at one time. There is no restriction. There is an additional functionality of setting the privacy of your status. If you want to show the status to only few people or if you want to not share it with some people then all of these things are possible. While sharing status, Whatsapp app shows that you are sharing the status with all of your contact so you can change the privacy setting of any particular status in a click.

  • Fingerprint Lock on Whatsapp - Whatsapp app has given the feature to put a fingerprint lock for accessing your whatsapp. This gives you more privacy. If someone takes your phone but you want to ensure that they don't open the whatsapp then this is the feature you needed.

  • Dark mode - Since whatsapp has become like the first & last thing of the day to check for everyone so it becomes very crucial that people are not hurting their eyes while using Whatsapp in night. To ensure this, Whatsapp has ruled out the D

  • Permanent mute option - You can mute an individual chat or a group chat for a week, a month or for lifetime & you can also turn off the notifications for that particular chat as well. This is one of the coolest features you need in a messenger apk.

  • No usernames & pins - All you need is a smartphone in which you can download whatsapp apk, a phone number & active internet connection. Here you go, use the phone number to login to your whatsapp apk account & best part is that the number need not to be in the same phone in which you want to use whatsapp.

  • WhatsApp disappearing messages - If whatsapp disappearing messages settings is turned on then the messages get disappeared after 7 days of sending them. In case of groups, only Group admin can turn on disappearing messages.

  • Offline Messages accessibility - Even if your internet is off, Whatsapp apk saves all the messages & calls for you. Once you are able to get the internet connection, you receive all the messages & calls so that you can take next action immediately.

  • Whatsapp calls from whatsapp desktop app - Now you can event do calls to anyone on whatsapp through whatsapp desktop application.

  • Whatsapp Business - You can set your Whatsapp account as a Business account & people can contact you regarding all Business related queries.

  • WhatsApp QR code - You can share your whatsapp QR code with anyone & can print it out & showcase it at places so that people can scan the QR code & contact you for any business queries.

  • WhatsApp payments - One of the most awaited features of Whatsapp is Whatsapp Payments. You can send or receive money where you chat.

So we can conclude that whatsapp apk download is the first thing you should do right now if you haven't installed it yet.