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Where Is My Train App Download For PC

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Description of Where Is My Train Apk

"Where is my Train" is a unique train app that displays live train status and up-to-date schedules. The app can function offline without needing Internet or GPS. It is also packed with useful features such as destination alarms and a speedometer. It is the highest rated travel app in India. Thank you to all the users who make the app better every day by sharing their feedback with us.

Why this app is the highest rated train app?

Spotting Train Accurately

Get live train status of Indian Railways anytime, anywhere. When you are traveling on a train, this feature can work without internet or GPS as it uses cell tower information to find the location. You can share current train location with your friends & family via the share feature. You can also set an alarm to wake you up at a fixed time before your railway station arrives.

Offline Train Schedules

The train app has the Indian Railways timetable offline. You don't have to know train number or names as our Smart search feature allows you to use train source & destination or partial train names even with spelling errors.

Coach Layout and Platform numbers

Get information on coach position and seat/berth layout before you board the train. Also shows platform numbers for boarding and intermediate stations wherever available.

Super efficient in Battery, Data Usage and App size

The app is very efficient in battery and data use as key features like finding train locations and schedules can work offline without Internet or GPS. The app-size is relatively small despite having a lot of information offline.

Seat Availability and PNR Status

Check seat availability and PNR status on the official Indian Railways website within the app.

Disclaimer: The app is privately maintained and does not have any affiliation whatsoever to Indian Railways.

5 star reviews of Where is my train Apk

It's really a wonderful app. Developers should be awarded. It helped me a lot when ever I am travelling. If you are inside the train and travelling then it will give you exact distance covered and what time your arrival station will come. Lots of features are available.
~ Shibashish Chamapatiray has rated 5 star on 30 January 2021
Very good and highly useful app................. It will provide every information which is mandatory for traveling......... Thanks to where is my train app and company for giving such a useful app for the people.. It is very convenient and easy to use ... It's alarm option also useful to the people who are not aware of much reading .... It's way of showing route is more impressive than anything because everyone wants know where is their train so once again thanks to developer and whole team....
~ Manjunath Lamani has rated 5 star on 4 January 2021
There is a glitch in the app, it is not displaying the bogie number, and the seat placement. I have been using your app, for a long time now, and this facility was very helpful for unfamiliar stations.
~ Sunil Sreedharan has rated 5 star on 21 January 2021

4 star reviews of Where is my train Apk

Would have given 5 stars of the platform numbers were correct. Most of the times it's correct but there are times when it's wrong as hell, they tell me to go to the furthest platform and when the intercom starts it tells me to move to the platform that is far. Other than that, it's very good.
~ Mily Mondal has rated 4 star on 28 January 2021
If "Where is my train" app would also give booking facility,Then people can find everything in one app related to trains,there is a bit need to upgrade their app,Overall it's just perfect,
~ On my way has rated 4 star on 27 January 2021
This is one of the best apps that will certainly help the people to find out the status of their respective running trains, know the status of the PNR and seat availability and many more.
~ Zaahid parwez has rated 4 star on 20 January 2021

3 star reviews of Where is my train Apk

The timings and predicted time for train to reach station is totally wrong sometimes. I am traveling from kollam, Kerala to Trivandrum and according to where is my train, the train will run 41kms in 14 minutes...I don't have options to upload the screenshot here. ... Generally app is good but these things needs to be noticed as lot of people are trusting this app more than IRCTC ..
~ Sreesh R Nair has rated 3 star on 24 January 2021
This app is very good. It shows accurate running status, coach position and platform number too. There is only one problem that this app shows the names of some trains wrong. I request to correct names of trains and number. Thank you.
~ Suraj Mondal has rated 3 star on 27 January 2021
It is very good to browse trains online/offline but there should be a correction. When a train departs with its source location or the starting point it,s location is not updated for a very long period of time. This causes much problem for me to use this application
~ Aadarsh Gaming has rated 3 star on 15 January 2021

2 star reviews of Where is my train Apk

Why is it not showing properly the train timing!!! I think this is the most important time for this app to work but it is not working at all!!! Updates are so late!!! Please fix this!!! I'm using this app for a long time!! But after lockdown this app is not working properly!!!
~ Help in Need has rated 2 star on 8 December 2020
no my experience is not good with this app. I don't why the timetable is not updated to the latest it doesn't show covid special trains running after june 2020 . i hve tried to contact the service team but no response.. i m devastated ???
~ Barkha Gupta has rated 2 star on 7 December 2020
Concerned personnel are not updating regularly...many trains get updated very often..but this app does not show them for many days, and then gets updated....it is not so hard...only had to follow twitter and you get information
~ Biplob Biswas has rated 2 star on 2 December 2020

1 star reviews of Where is my train Apk

I use this application from a long time, and its a very good application for knowing where is the train,but after new update the app given wrong informed of the train location, so i give one star rating , please give a new update and fix the problem.
~ Gaming DEEP has rated 1 star on 27 January 2021
This app is not synchronised with actual railway information, for some trains it shows train has ended journey in middle but actually train had 8-9 stations remaining, example for 07643 it showed Bhimawaram town is the end but the train has more 9 stations and the end is Kakinada Port.
~ Rajiv Kumar Sharma has rated 1 star on 17 January 2021
It is useful but there was a delay in updating the position tracking and its not giving correct platform number. This is the major problem and if any aged people are in station they will facing the problem with this app. Could you please consider my feedback.
~ Chandu Namburi has rated 1 star on 20 January 2021