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Tictok Skill Games
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Description of Winzo Apk Apk

WinZO is India's Largest Gaming App. The app is owned by Tictok Skill Games Private Limited. Winzo was earlier famous by the name of WinZO Gold & WinZO games.

You can play 70+ Games on WinZO app & get a chance to win upto Rs 10 Crore Daily. Isn't it awesome to have fun while playing games & also a chance of earning money while having all the fun?

Since WinZO is one of the most Popular Apps in India. Let's look at some of the great things about the WinZO APK which makes it so much popular.

Salient Features of WinZO APK

  1. 100% Safe, Legal & Secure App - One of the most important & critical thing about all online Transactions are that they should be completely safe, secure & they should be legal. Well, good news that this is the case with WinZO APK. All transactions done on WinZO app are 100% safe, secure & legal.
  2. 70+ Games - There are more than 70 games on WinZO APK which is a huge number since all the games are of highest quality & very addictive. Once you will download the app, you will realize that you are using WinZO app more than anything else because of highly engaging games available on WinZO apk. Some of the most popular games on WinZO are Rummy, Carrom, Pool, Cricket, Fantasy Sports etc.
  3. More than 10 Languages - The WinZO App is available in 10+ Languages. Some of the major languages are - English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati & Marathi.
  4. Multiple Gaming Categories - The games on WinZO APK are available across various Categories. Some of the popular Gaming Categories available on WinZO are - Battle Royale, Action, Card, Casual & Esports.
  5. Exciting Game Formats - The games can be played across different gaming formats such as WinZO Baazi, Normal Tournament & Team Tournament. All these formats are super fun & have exciting rules & great competition.
  6. Fantasy Leagues & Games - You can also participate in various Fantasy Games on WinZO app. You can create your winning team combination to top the leaderboard & get exciting money prizes.
  7. Refer & Earn - You can refer WinZO apk to your friends & win exciting referral prizes. On each successful referral, you get Rs 100 Cash & a Lottery Ticket. The Lottery ticket has something exciting in it always.
  8. 4.6 Stars Rating - WinZO app has been rated 4.6 by the players. The app is super awesome & the variety of games available on it & the ease of use & interactiveness of the app makes it worth 4.6 stars.
  9. 24*7 Customer Support - The WinZO apk support services are very great. You can contact their Customer Support team anytime. They are available 24*7 to ensure that your queries & issues are resolved by them on priority & you have the best possible experience on WinZO app.
  10. Multiple Withdrawal Partners - Once you have earned some money on WinZO app, you can withdraw the earned money by using any of the methods available. You can transfer the winnings in your PayTM Wallet or to your Bank Account using the Bank details or to any UPI app using the UPI ID.
  11. WinZO Store - There is one another best thing about WinZO apk is it's WinZO Store. The Store has some amazing offers & discounts across various categories purchase - such as Food, Groceries, Entertainment, Shopping etc.

So overall, WinZO is a perfect Android App which should be in your Smartphone if you are a Sports Enthusiast & love playing Games & Fantasy Sports.

Please note that the app is not for users below 18 years of age & for some specific states.