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ZAINABIA CHANNEL" is an Indian,Shia Religious and General,Social,Cultural,Educational Television Channel which is owned and Operated Wholly and only by ''ZAINABIA TRUST MUMBAI'' registered under Charitable Trust Mumbai no B-1374 is based in Mumbai India. It is the endavour of ''ZAINABIA CHANNEL'' to spread peaceful harmony amongs indian,in particular,and the mankind all over the world,in general,throught the erudite teachings of our learned and holy personalities.

"ZAINABIA CHANNEL" provides alternative Shia Islamic news, infotainment, current affairs and entertainment programming from an Islamic perspective. Since it's launch in 2012, "ZAINABIA CHANNEL" has developed into a platform for ingenious and practical television complementing the definition of good programming.

Broadcast in Urdu, English, Hindi & Gujrati, "ZAINABIA CHANNEL" aims for it's programming to appeal to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Ultimately conveying Islam in it's true form to curious non-Muslims and to further educate Muslims, consequently establishing itself as the leading, free-to-air, Multilingual, Islamic focused IPTV channel available globally.

Supporting it's reputation as the unrivalled leader by conforming to international standards and quality, "ZAINABIA CHANNEL" has garnered certificates and accreditation from various institutions.

"ZAINABIA CHANNEL" is Totally a Non Income free to air Channel