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ZAKZAK LIVE: live-streaming & video chat app

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Description of Zakzak Live Apk

ZAKZAK LIVE is a relaxing live-streaming app. You can enjoy live shows and make new friends anytime you want!

Wanna show your talents to the world and discover talents all around the world? Come to ZAKZAK LIVE now! You’ll see it’s fun and carefree to watch live shows and chat live with other members in our community. We’re proud to introduce to you these amazing features that make ZAKZAK LIVE more than just another social app:

✨ Live streaming & talent shows
- Show off your secret talents to the world! You may even win millions of fans and collect virtual gifts.
- If you prefer to be an audience, you can watch live talent shows at any time and vote for your favorite stars.

? Cool animated gifts
- If there’s someone you really want to impress, send them a gift with stunning animated effects.
- Show your support for your new friends in a live show with a gift of your choice.

? Language support
- Text messages are translated automatically. Say bye-bye to language barriers!
- Multiple languages are supported. You can discover people from different countries, areas, and cultures.

? HD quality video calls
- Go live anytime, anywhere on your phone. What could be a better way to widen your social radius and get to know more new people?
- Enjoy a smooth, HD video calling experience where you can learn more about your new friends.

ZAKZAK LIVE is a friendly community for people who are polite and nice. Remember to keep it cool. Nobody wants to befriend a troll, right?

If you’re in for some fun, come join ZAKZAK LIVE now!