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5 Apps For Construction Management

We have collected the best Android apps for Construction Management in 2021. Download these apps & track all the works & projects easily. So what are you waiting for. Make your life easy with these awesome Android Construction Management Apps 2021.

Raken Construction Management

Improve your productivity on the job field & manage all your construction businesses & projects from a single platform. Simplicity of this app makes it very easy to use from all grades of people working on the project. You can streamline your daily reporting to save money & time using your Android smartphone. Isn't it great? You can also create custom checklists & other awsome things on the app. There are a lot of cool features on the app which makes it worth downloading so don't wait anymore & download Raken Construction Management App for your Android device now.

Construction Calculator All in One

Construction Calculator All in one Android app has been created in such a way that all kind of calculations that are done in any construction project are done easily using the tools given on this app. You can calculate any kind of area, volume, change the metrics easily & can use the calculator for normal calculation perspective as well. This Construction Calculator App is useful for all kind of people involved in the project such as - Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Store Keeper, Estimation Engineer, Real Estate Agents etc. So download the Construction Calculator - All in One app now & do all the calculations correctly at a rapid rate.

Construction Calculator - Materials Evaluation

This Calculator App, specially designed for the construction workers & staff to ensure that their life is easy when it comes to calculating various things while working on the field. You can calculate a lot of things such as - Concrete value for strip foundation calculation & foundation plate calculation. You can calculate - Armatures weight by its weight as well as quantity. Calculate number of bricks needs for making a wall. Also useful for insulant & lumber calculation & general info about building blocks. So basically, everything in a single app.


Airsquire has been built with the vision of virtualizing the physicality of construction sites so that better effective communications can be made possible for the complex construction projects and time & money gets saved. Airsquire claimed it as "intelligent inspection management" platform for the construction field industry. You can traverse to any place & moment of your ongoing project at the comfort of your smartphone. You can have the full control over what is happening in the project thus saving money & time which gets wasted in wrong communications. Visit Airsquire now & see what you are missing out on!