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Best Alternatives To Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is one of it's kind platform which allows users to have a group Audio Chat. The Clubhouse app is awesome but it is not available for Android users. But don't worry, there are quite a few other apps for Android users which are very decent in this domain. You can check out the list below & download.


Twitter is one of the most famous social media handles. The news spreads on Twitter faster than anywhere else. The app has also launched a cool feature in which you can actually start Audio Chat with other people who are on twitter. You can define the event details in advance & then have a discussion.


This is also a great alternative to Clubhouse. You can join any of the live club rooms & have a discussion with the people you are connected with on the community or with your own friends.

InstaHelo live audio

Using Instahelo, you can join live audio room where you can either listen only or you can speak as well. You can invite your friends to join the conversation. You can find plenty of experts on the specific topics & have a wonderful discussion with them.


Spoon is another Social Media platform like clubhouse. Here you can join Live Audio Conversations also known as live audio streams. You can either stream one by yourself or you can join the one which is happening live & you are interested in it.


Join live audio conversations, meet new & interesting people every day, share your opininions, listen to others points of view, have a logical debate on social agendas or on anything you want to do it on.


Discord is an amazing & different kind of social media network. Here servers are organized into topic-based channels. You can collaborate with other people, share & talk about the things you want to in different communities.


It is a social media platform for micro podcasts. You can download this app in place of clubhouse since it supports the same philosophy as clubhouse - Riffr is about your voice.