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Best Android Games Under 100 Mb

Games size range from few MBs to thousands of MBs / GBs. At times, we just want multiple lesser size games in our phone rather than a single big game. If you want to download games under 100 MB, then you can refer this list for some of the best games for android which are under 100 MB size.

Banana Kong

With a whooping 100 Million+ downloads & a humungous rating of 4.6 makes this game one of the best games you can play which is under 100 MB size. You have to run through Jungle & caves to avoid the banana Avalanche.

Ninja warrior: legend of adventure games

The mission of the game is to save the hostages & rescue them by breaking into the enemy areas & destroying them. The graphics of the game are superb & the soundtrack are great. A lot of new maps & level keep on adding in the game by the developer.

STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run

This game is basically a racing game in which Cute hamsters run & compete with other hamsters to win the race. There are a lot of hurdles & traps which you have to cross & ensure that you reach the finish line before others. There are a lot of levels & the amazing 3D graphics of the game makes it a very loveable game.

World Cricket Championship

This is the best Cricket Game you can play under 60 MB. The game is a lite version & can be played in phones having RAM under 512 MB as well. The game is available in more than 9 languages & there are different kind of tournaments & games which you can play on it.

Battlelands Royale

This is a last man standing battle royale game. The game is slightly above 100 MB in size but there should be no second thought in downloading this game since it is a Editor's Choice Awarded Game & has been downloaded by more than 10 Million users already & they are loving it.

Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox

Payback 2 game is one of the most appreciated games under 100 MB size. 100 Million Downloads is a proof of that. The game has a lot of different kind of gameplays. You can get involved in tank battles, helicopter racing, gang battles & what not.

Hellrider 3

An awesome running game in which you get to travel on awesome tracks with great 3D gameplay. The unusual game mechanixs used in this game will make you go wow you for sure.

SUP Multiplayer Racing

This is another multiplayer racing game which you can play under 100 MB. You can choose the cars & customize their designs, select the road track & customize that as well. The tracks are stunning. You can race with upto 3 players & beat them.

Run Sausage Run!

As the name suggests that it is a running game in which you get a lot of coll superpowers while running & those can be used to fight with the obstacles which come across on your way to victory line. A very addictive game. 100 Million players are proof of that.