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Best Anno Game

Anno is a well-known real-time strategy game series that largely focuses on city construction intending to start a colony from scratch and cultivate ties with adjacent islands. There are now six Anno games in the series, each with a completely distinct period; thus, you may play not only in the past, as in the ordinary real-time strategy, but also in the future. On the other side, this complicates the task of selecting the ideal Anno series game, to begin with. As a result, to assist you in quickly locating the best Anno game, I have compiled this list of best Anno games.


Grow your little hamlet into a vast medieval kingdom with a healthy economy and contented inhabitants! Find ore mining locations, harvest your farms' crops, and collect cash as taxes from your people. Create jousting arenas, pubs, and marketplaces, as well as majestic sculptures, gorgeous monuments, and lush gardens to adorn your city.

Forge of Empires: Build a City

Create an empire and journey through the centuries! From ancient civilizations through medieval kingdoms and on into the future. Ascend and proudly govern your territories! Forge of Empires, an award-winning strategy city-building web game, was published in 2012. This RTS MMO simulation is jam-packed with great stuff. Join in on the fun and connect with millions of active gamers from all around the world!

Elvenar - Fantasy Kingdom

Choose between elves and humans to create a lovely fantasy city. Discover a magical and mysterious universe as you continually construct, grow, and extend your domain. It's simple to design a home for fantasy animals and experience the intricate beauty of Elvenar, whether you want to build a fanciful paradise or a well-organized city.

Anno 1800 Companion Tool

Anno 1800 Companion is base on anno series. The tool is a FREE FAN-MADE Anno 1800 companion tool for calculating consumption, researching ideal manufacturing chains and supplies for your excursions, tracking transmutation prices, managing collectibles, and much more!

Anno 2070 Utility

Anno 2070 Utility is a fan-made utility for the game Anno 2070 that can help work on the game. Displays all of the production buildings for each faction, as well as their production chain. Change the speed of manufacturing for any of the buildings in a chain. Calculator for calculating the needed number of manufacturing buildings based on the population of all factions.

Civilization VI - Build A City | Strategy 4X Game

Civilization advancement VI is a refined realm-building game for Android that mirrors the ascent of a domain from the beginning of time. As the ruler of your empire, you must manage your resources to construct new structures, arm your army to attack and defend, expand your area, and keep your population content and happy.