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Best App Lock Apps For Android Phones

Privacy is a concern of everyone now a days. To prevent someone from opening any specific app in your phone, you can set a lock on that. For doing this, there are a lot of apps available but we have collated the best from the lot for you here.

AppLock - Fingerprint

The app has already been trusted & downloaded by more than 50 Million users. The app allows you to protect your apps by using either a Pattern or a fingerprint. The coolest part is that the app can also take a snap of the person who was trying to open an app which was locked by you. Isn't it cool?

AppLock - Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

With the help of this AppLock app, you can lock any of the social media apps, System apps like Calendar, Messages, Gmail, Contacts. You can lock these apps using any of the multiple lock options available such as - Finger Print, Pattern Lock, Pin Lock etc. 50 Million people have already locked their apps using this app. What are you waiting for?

AppLock Go – App Lock with Security, Gallery Lock

This is again an awesome app for locking your Android Apps. The coolest feature about this app is that you can keep this app in your phone with some different icon like the icon of a calculator or something so that the person who is trying to check your apps doesn't know that the phone has an app lock in it & the selfie of the person will be taken while accessing the locked apps.

KeepLock - AppLock & Protect Privacy

Just like other App Lock Apps, this app has all the features to make it a perfect app for you to have in your Android Phone. Other best things about this app is that it takes very low space & uses very less RAM on your phone. The app is super secure & easy to use.

App Locker - App Lock password & pattern

10 Million+ users have downloaded this app for protecting their apps from intruders. The app has different kind of lock types & beautiful themse which you can use.


Since app locks app run & consume battery charging. You can customize lock frequency to reduce this. There is an additional option of power saver mode in this lock app. You can enable that & save upto 50% charging which was about to be consumed by this app usage.


The app is widely famous. This is the top app in more than 50 countries. The app is available in 40+ languages which makes it accessible to more people than other apps. Download the app & you won't be disappointed.


Downloaded by more than 10 Million users & rated by more than 2 lakh people at 4.3 which is amazing. The app has everything you will expect from a applock app so go ahead & download the app now.

AppLock - Lock Apps & Privacy Guard

The app has a great rating of 4.5 which means that people love this app. You can hide photos, hide videos, take intruder selfie, use free themes, set fingerprint lock etc.

Photo Lock

The name of this app doesn't justify the features it has. With the help of this app, you can lock any app, image, video on your phone. There are a lot of other features in it like all other app lock apps.