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Best Dark Souls Game

The Dark Souls series by FromSoftware is one of the most recognizable in current gaming, yet not all three titles in the genre are made equal. The Souls games are about both difficulty and triumph. They are about defeating what cannot be defeated. They are about putting oneself up against the impossible and still coming out on top. When you are smashed beneath a giant's maul for the first, second, third, and tenth time, it's terrible; but when you scrape out that win against all odds, drop your controller, and cry, "Not today, [expletive]," you could find a bit of yourself under the ash. That's quite profound for a series about fighting monsters, and it's a huge part of what drew me in.

Grim Soul: Dark Survival RPG

There have been almost 25 million downloads globally! Grim Soul is a free-to-play MMORPG with a dark fantasy survival theme. The Plaguelands, a once-prosperous Imperial territory, are now engulfed in terror and gloom. Its inhabitants have become spirits that roam indefinitely. Your objective in this deadly region is to survive as long as possible. In this new Souls-like game, you must collect materials, create a castle, protect yourself from attackers, and endure fights with zombie knights and other creatures!

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is a historic Action RPG that consolidates dazzling designs, special ongoing interaction, and emotional manager fights in the palm of your hand. Obscurity clears the nation over, carrying with it a multitude of savage evil spirits ready to attack our dividers. An epic dream RPG anticipates you - the excursion will be troublesome, yet you should proceed and go into damnation itself to kill this evil before it obliterates our planet.

Dark Lands

Run through the traps and fight the creatures! Dark Lands is a massive action-adventure combat runner game. Create your Warrior Hero to survive this endless battle and go as far as you can! Dark Lands is an addicting combination of an infinite runner fantasy horror game with a hack and slash fighting system. Take your warrior hero on an epic quest to fight the evil powers that have poisoned the country.

Dark Sword

All I can think of is that night... The portal to the sun has been blocked by the dark dragon. And the light went out. All living things became dark... Only bearing what's left behind the unending agony. In the darkness when the light has gone out. The real dark action begins. Save the Light by defeating the Dark Dragon! Silhouette is an action role-playing game. Acquire Allies from Sanctuary of Light, PvP, Raids, Dark Dungeon, and other places!


Enjoy a never-ending Action RPG with plenty of speed, interesting skills, and complex, gorgeously produced visuals. Real-time combat with a variety of combat features. Be victorious in 1v1 real-time brutal fights. With smart teamwork, defeat the raid bosses. By fighting opponents with your elite groups, you may earn a variety of prizes. By mixing multiple talents in your unique way, you can experience overwhelming strength.