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Best Keyboard Apps For Android

Typing from phone has become so normal now a days that we hardly stop doing it even for a day. Since the typing is so common, the innovations in keyboards have started & now there are plenty of keyboard variants come now. To explore that, you can check out the list of best keyboard apps for Android shared here & download the one you like.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard

There are a lot of features which will make you feel wow - It has a great speed, you can use your voice to write anything, you can change the language, different handwriting options are also available in the app which makes it super interesting. You can also use Emojis & GIFs as well.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

This keyboard has been launched by Microsoft. The keyboard is very easy to use & has all the features there needs to be in a perfect keyboard app. This app uses 400+ languages.

GO Keyboard

This keyboard app has been downloaded by more than 100 Million users & they love it. It has a huge rating of 4.5 & this is because of two main things - The personalization which you can do in the keyboard & the privacy.

Fonts - Font Keyboard

With a humungous rating of 4.6, Fonts Keyboard is the perfect keyboard app you need. You can use different fonts on the social media handles & make your profile & posts stand out among the crowd.

Kika Keyboard 2021

This personalized Emoji keyboard supports 150+ languages & 10,000+ keyboard themes which are absolutely free. The collection & usage of Emoji will make you fall in love with this keyboard so go ahead & explore now.

Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard

This is the perfect keyboard for those who want to ensure that whatever they are writing on the keyboard is grammatically perfect & there are no typos since this keyoard apps work like a Grammar Assistant for you.

LED Keyboard

You should not think twice before downloading this keyboard app since it has the amazing backlit keyboard with Neon Effect, lighting effect & RGB effect. The rating of 4.7 tells everything about the quality of this keyboard app.

Ginger Keyboard

Ginger keyboard app is more on the lines of Grammarly since it checks the complete sentence from grammar point of view & ensures that there are no typos in the written text by highlighting the issues upfront.

Fleksy Free keyboard

This keyboard app has won the autocorrection award. The app has a recently launched awesome Emoji keyboard. You can even use the swipe method for writing anything along with the voice writing support. 100Million+ Emojis, GIFS & Stickets make this app worth downloading.

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is awesome. One of the most coolest features of this keyboard is that it changes it's colour on the basis of the app in which you are currently using this keyboard which is very soothing & likeable feature. It was launched in 2016 & has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.