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Best Top 10 Lego Games

LEGO has a long history of producing some fantastic video games. Even before the days of movie and brand tie-in games like Traveler's Tales, LEGO released great classics like LEGO Racers and LEGO Island. The original LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, produced by Traveler's Tales in 2005, was the first to achieve the current level of huge popularity for LEGO games. Since then, there have been several LEGO games, many of which are based on popular cultural franchises such as Star Wars and DC Comics. With their amount of personalization and gratifying brick-by-brick destruction, these games fully embody the inventiveness of LEGOs.

LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA

In LEGO® Star WarsTM: The Force AwakensTM on mobile, relive the galaxy's greatest adventure! Play as film saints like Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, and BB-8, just as Kylo Ren and General Hux. The Force AwakensTM, recounted through the smart and funny LEGO lens, immerses fans in the new Star WarsTM adventure like never before.

LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush

LEGO run game that was fast-paced and full of stuff to gather and accomplish. Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Emma, Stephanie, and a slew of their LEGO pals are currently available to drive around within the game. There are several tasks to complete as you drive, fly, leap, duck, and dodge your way through other cars and obstacles on the road.

LEGO® Tower

Create, run, and manage your very own LEGO Tower! Construct a variety of residences and businesses in which your Minifigure people may live, work, and play. Visit your friends' towers and exchange things to assist them in their construction. Collect hundreds of one-of-a-kind Minifigure pieces to uncover secret personalities. Build your ideal LEGO Tower to new heights with material from NINJAGO, City, and Creator!

LEGO ® DUPLO ® WORLD - Preschool Learning Games

LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is jam-packed with open-ended play experiences and activities, including animals, buildings, thrilling vehicles, and trains to spark your toddler's imagination and creativity while learning—ideal for preparing your child for preschool. The internationally respected Headstart Early Learning Outcomes Framework is precisely matched with LEGO DUPLO WORLD.

LEGO® Life: Safe Social Media for Kids

LEGO® Life is a secure, imaginative social software created with children's learning in mind. In a completely free and safe social networking site for kids, your child may publish their works in the fully regulated community, be inspired, and communicate with other young LEGO builders using emoticons and filtered text comments.

LEGO® Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

In the most colorful turn-based RPG ever created, LEGO minifigures and sets are bursting out of the box. Battle your way to the top of the scoreboard with teams of legendary characters from your favorite LEGO themes and ready for action-packed RPG adventures that will take you from the high seas to space.


LEGO® Hidden Side combines real life with the virtual world - and it's now much more intriguing. The Hidden Side AR experience gains an altogether new level with the addition of multiplayer mode. One person takes on the role of the hunter, while up to three others participate as ghosts. Who will triumph? Playing the game is the best way to discover!

LEGO® DUPLO® Connected Train

All aboard the DUPLO express! Join the train driver on an amazing DUPLO railway trip. Control the train's speed, turn on the headlights, sound the horn, and more to assist the driver! We also have new, easy controls in this experience, including a new color-changing light button.