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Best Live Wallpaper Apps

Since we use our phone regularly on a daily basis so it's very important that we have the amazing things on it when we see the very first screens of it - like lock screen & home screen of it. To help you customize your phone screen, we have collated the best HD 4K live wallpaper apps for android phones. These apps have amazing 4K, HD live Wallpapers over a variety of categories. Hope you will like these apps.

Walli - 4K Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Walli is one of those apps which you must have in your Android Smartphone. This app is super awesome. It has unlimited 4K wallpapers collection. Not only the wallpapers, other cool things are also available here, such as - a community of top artists of this field. These artists also get a cut from the earning the app does. Isn't it cool? So download Walli app latest version now.

Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4K - Backgrounds 3D/HD

This app has more than 300 cool live HD wallpapers & screen backgrounds. You can set different wallpapers for your home and lock screens. The best thing about this apps is that you can use AMOLED wallpapers which hardly 2% battery of your phone in a day. A really great feature, we must say.

Live Wallpapers, Screen Lock, Ringtones - W.Engine

You not only get live 4K & HD wallpapers in this app, but also free ringtones, alarm sounds, GIFs, Videos, notification sounds so that you can customize your complete phone or tablet as per your wish. The app has collection of premium Artists content as well.

Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper

This app offers two main things - First is the live wallpapers collection, you can choose the kind of wallpapers you want to set for your Android device. Apart from the wallpapers, the app uses an amazing technology which allows it to transform your phone screen to a transparent screen which is really marvelous.

GRUBL Live Wallpapers 4D/HD & Ringtones

You can set the live HD wallpaper or even a Video for home as well as lock screen of your smartphone. It has premium 1000+ cool backgrounds for every possible category of wallpapers from which you can choose the one you like the most. You can also set auto changing of the wallpapers of your phone on a daily basis.

Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper

This app has been designed specially for fish lovers. You get amazing collection of 3D live wallpaper background of tropical fish tank with superb smooth motion giving it a lively feel. You can customize your aquarium screen background with upto 14 fish. You can also change the plants, set different intensity & colour of light in the customization.

4k wallpaper Full HD wallpaper

This app has best wallpapers handpicked by experts of this field. We check out our phone so many times so it is important that we have something special on the home as well as lock screen of our phone. It can be something motivational, something feel good thing so that we have the control of our mood in our hand so download this app & get thousands of awesome 4k wallpapers for your phone.

Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Water Garden Live wallpaper is true to it's name. Here you get brilliant ulltra realistic water pond screensavers with some cool fish in it. This app provides great ripple effects without any cost whatsoever and the HD graphics of these 4k wallpapers allow us to use these on even our TVs with larger screen sizes.

Wallpapers free - Video Wallpapers and Backgrounds

It has more than 10,000 free HD wallpapers in it. These wallpapers are of different categories, such as Anime, Racing, Cartoon, Motivational and so on. You can choose the category you love & here you go. Awesome collection of wallpapers of that category will be right in front of you. So don't waste time & download the app to customize your home screen now.

3D Wallpaper Parallax - 4D Backgrounds

This app provides AMOLED 3D experience over a huge collection of 350+ HD wallpapers & 100+ 4K wallpapers. They keep on adding new awesome wallpapers on a regular basis for the users. They also allow you to submit your own theme & wallpapers to display in their official collection with your name. Isn't it perfect? So download the 2D Wallpaper Parallax app now.