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Best Meditation Apps For Android

We exercise, go to gym for strengthening our body muscles but what about the brain muscles? Those also need the exercise & that exercise is Meditation. Doing meditation daily helps you focus, keep calm & have a peaceful day since it strengthens your mind muscles so go ahead & check out the best Meditation apps.

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax

The app focuses on teaching you a range of techniques and modalities to help you stay calm person throughout the day. Calm distinguishes out from the competition due to its well-being services, which go beyond its already outstanding meditation repertoire. Calm Body, their newest product, is a 10-minute guided video that teaches moderate stretching to help you unwind. One of the coolest features is "Sleep Stories," by celebrities in calming tones (like Matthew McConaughey).

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, Meditation & Stories

Can't rest around evening time? Relax Melodies is expected to be the best Sleep-Aid App, permitting you to rest quick and wake up revived. Take a deep breath, relax, calm your emotions, and you will start feeling natural calm inside you. You may mix and match Nature Sounds, White Noise, Guided Meditations, Bedtime Stories, Body-Mind Exercises, and Breathing activities to make your exceptional Bedtime Experience.

Lojong: Meditation and Mindfulness +Calm -Anxiety

The Lojong Mind Training App dependent on the Tibetan instructor Chékawa Yeshé Dorje's exemplary Buddhist work Mind Training in Seven Points (Lojong dön dün mama) and its discourse by Khenchen Appey Rinpoche (1927-2010). It was created to aid in the integration of the different levels of mental health training presented in this work, both via meditation and in our daily lives.

Meditopia: Sleep, Meditation, Breathing

What makes Meditopia stand out among the hundreds of meditation applications available? Unlike most other choices, Meditopia provides more than just a short-term solution to going asleep and de-stressing; the app provides each member with over 1000 deep-dive meditations that get straight to the heart of what we as a people, regardless of age, background, or experience, face every day.

Insight Timer - Meditation, Sleep, Music

Insight Timer app provides over 45K free meditations, which is significant given that one of the most common complaints about competing applications is a lack of free material. You might channel the library by need (e.g., stress, rest, or nervousness), time (from five minutes to 30+ minutes), or explicit advantage (e.g., connections, profound, kids). If you're starting started, sign up for the free seven-day Insight Timer demo course. You can play some calm songs too while meditating.

MyLife Meditation: Meditate, Relax & Sleep Better

The meditation recommendations in the MyLife Meditation app, formerly known as Stop, Breathe, and Think, are based on your emotions. Use the app to help you recognize how you're feeling, and then use the short, guided meditations, yoga videos, and acupressure films to help you manage your anxiety, decrease stress, breathe deeply, or sleep better. You may also keep track of your mood and general progress, as well as a check-in with yourself daily.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

If you're the kind whose mind gets lost in anxiety/worry (or overwhelmed with to-do lists)and start listing to meditation music for sleep the moment you lay down, Headspace should be your go-to. This software includes breathing exercises, sleep meditations, and relaxation techniques. The screen has been muted, so there is no blinding, headache-inducing brightness. While the Headspace app is free, you'll want to subscribe to gain access to the all-important sleep casts that will help prepare your mind for sleep.

Simple Habit: Meditation, Sleep

Whatever your meditation objective is—boosting self-confidence, overcoming anxiety, getting over a breakup, or simply being present—Simple Habit has a large collection of meditations that are all cataloged and easy to discover. You'll like how each meditation is clearly labeled, making mindfulness something you can use in any circumstance. One of the major benefits of their premium membership is the ability to utilize the app offline, which makes catching a few minutes of mindfulness much easier.

Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Serenity: Guided Meditations teaches you a range of meditation and mindfulness practices aimed at bringing peace, serenity, and happiness into your life. Gain proficiency with the basics with the free, easy-to-follow 7-day sound course. Learn the skills you'll need to incorporate mindful meditation into the rest of your life.

The Mindfulness App: relax, calm, focus and sleep

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or worried in your daily life? Do you want to feel more balanced and joyful? With The Mindfulness App, you may sleep better, stress less, and reduce anxiety. With over 300 guided meditations and courses from professionals all around the globe, they provide you something for every mood, time of day, and level of expertise.