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Best Offline Games Like Pubg For Android

Fortnite and PUBG Mobile have made a significant impact on Android. Both games have millions of players and helped to launch the battle royale genre on smartphones. They are also two of the greatest first-person shooter games on the market. They are not, however, suitable for everyone. Both games feature lengthy play durations and a straightforward idea. Some gamers may choose to branch out into a different genre. We can assist you with that! Here are the top free battle royale games available for Android right now.

Real Commando 3D Sniper Shooter- fauji game 2021

Enjoy the most popular offline fauji game on your mobile device, similar to how pubg mobile offline works. This fauji game is one of the best free shooting games based on multiplayer offline survival games. In the top offline games 2020, this action shooting game continues a narrative of spectacular adventure and difficult shooting difficulties.

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games are single-player campaigns that are thrilling and can be played offline. In the narrative mode, players may go through 12 chapters. The final aim, like with PUBG Mobile Lite, is to battle for survival. Players may also modify the controls in this shooting game. It is an offline game like pubg for android


BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is a new battle royale game in which many players compete to be the last guy standing on the battlegrounds. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is a free-to-play multiplayer experience in which users may compete in a variety of game types, such as Flora Menace, which can be played in a team or solo mode.


Pixel's Unknown Battle Ground is an offline game like PUBG. You drop in, look for items, kill the other players, and see who can last the longest. This one also has an in-game chat, auto shooting, and reduced graphical settings for phones with lower-end processors. During testing, it was discovered that pixel battel royale has some stability concerns with this one.

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games

ZOMBIE HUNTER - Offline Games is one more blend of Dead zombie shooting and Apocalypse you, will shoot zombies disconnected in incredibly troublesome gaming matches. Play campaigns, aim targets, and fire to show off your skills as the best zombie hunter in offline shooting games.

Anti Terrorist offline Shooting Games 2021 - ATSS

In these free action games, the anti-terrorist shooting game is a new fight shooter game with methods to counter-terrorism. This ATSS disconnected game is an activity-pressed new shooting match-up for another decade with numerous missions, for example, FPS Commando strike mission, Helicopter Gun Strike, Sniper Shooting, and substantially more with this engaging shooting match-ups disconnected.

Gun War: Shooting Games

Gun War Shooting Games is a third-person cover shooter that puts you in command of a soldier tasked with dealing with various terrorist organizations all around the world. Fortunately, you have a vast armament at your disposal that will assist you in eliminating all of your opponents. It is an offline game like pubg or fortnite for android

Free survival: fire battlegrounds

Free survival: fire battleground's realistic weaponry will undoubtedly remind you of offline games like pubg. To protect themselves, players can choose between two major weapons and one secondary weapon. Players may test out the game's offline battle royale mode. In this title's narrative mode, players may also opt to perform missions.

Call of Strike: Delta IGI Commando Adventure Game

If you enjoy offline games like pubg, Multiplayer PVP, Single Player FPS, and being a sniper, then Delta Special Ops: War - Online gun shooting games are for you. Continuously PVP, obliterate the opposition, go head to head against your rivals in impact mode, or investigate our terrifying single-player mode!

World War 2: Battle Combat FPS Shooting Games

If you love playing games like pubg mobile offline, then you need to play World War 2: Battle Combat FPS Shooting Games. Astonishing designs, invigorating ongoing interaction, loads of noteworthy weapons, and covering will give you the capacity to dive into the universe of shooting match-ups. You can utilize your one-of-a-kind hardware with noteworthy firearms, weapon skins, knickknacks, and other diverse weapon parts.