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Best Reddit Apps For Android

Reddit is one of the best social media platforms now a days since it has awesome communities & you can join any community according to your interest area. To ensure that you get the best out of Reddit, we have collated some apps here which you should have in your Android Phone if you use Reddit.


The best converstions on the inernet happens over Reddit. Yes, it is right. It has more than 100000 communities & you can just jump into the community of your interest area & now you are surrounded by people talking about all the stuff you like. Even you can join any conversation. Cool right?

rif is fun for Reddit

This is a more intuitive & comparatively fast interface to reddit. It also keeps across device histoy sync so that you can enjoy using Reddit with a much better experience from any device of yours.

Slide for Reddit

This has a lot of features which you would love for sure. It has a lot of customizations which you can do. It is an open source project so there are no ads at all & nothing to purchase within the app. All features are free to use.

Sync for Reddit

Formerly known as Reddit Sync, this app's mission is to give you the best reddit experience. A lot of customizable options, secure login, Night mode, colour coded comments make this app worth download.

Offline Reader for Reddit

As the name suggestes,this app lets you use Reddit when you don't have internet connection. Other best thing about this app is that it is completely free with no ads whatsoever.

Boost for reddit

Moderation tools for the moderators, option to switch between variety of views, AMOLED themese, content filters are some of the awesome features this app provides while browsing Reddit.

BaconReader for Reddit

The interface of this app is amazing. Not only that - Moderator tools, spoiler tag support, secure login, multiple widgets, different views, random subreddit features make this app super awesome.

Wallpaper Changer for Reddit

Well, this app allows to set your home screen as well as lock screen of the phone with Reddit wallpapers. These wallpapers are changed automatically & you can set the frequency of that. You can also filter out these on the basis of category or post filtering.

Joey for Reddit

The coolest feature of this app is that it allows you to download Reddit Videos instantly as it has an inbuilt Reddit Video Downloader. It automatically hides the read posts, has thousands of awesome font types, double tap for voting etc.

Now for Reddit

This app supports Reddit Gold features & has an awesome UI. The text editor for commenting is also pretty cool. You can save the images & GIFs so that you can see those later in your phone.