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Best To-Do List Apps For Android

In today's world of too much distractions, To Do Lists are very important for being productive. With the help of a todo list, you can collate all the tasks that you are supposed to do & then update the status accordingly. Check out the list of best to do list apps below.


Any.do app has been awarded as "Editor's Choice" by Google. The app is super awesome. The quality of app is clear from the fact that it has more than 10 Million downloads & has an average rating of 4.5. A lot of other giants like USA Today, Lifehacker have called this app as a Must Have for Android.

To Do List

The user experience of this Todo App is awesome. The simplicity of this app differentiates this app from all other Todo list apps available for Android. It has a humungous rating of 4.8 which is highest for any to do list.

To Do List with Reminder

A nice To do list app which will definitely increase your productivity. Set alarms for the tasks, Customize the ringtone for different categpory of tasks are some of the great features of this To Do list app. Check out the app now.

Google Tasks

Well, whatever Google makes is top notch most of the times. The same case is with the Google Tasks. A perfect To Do list app for you. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to sync your Gmail & Google Calendar Tasks & you can add those events, mails as a task in a click & the tasks get imported in the Google Tasks app.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft has also launched a To Do list app for the people who want to organize their day in a much better way. This app also allows you to sync with your other microsoft apps to imports tasks in this To Do List automatically as Google Tasks App does.


Unlike other To do lists mentioned above, Asana can be used not only for individuals but also for organizational teams and projects which invlove multiple users. The app is Super Awesome for teams because it gives the complete visibility of the tasks to everyone involved, current state of the project & everything you need for efficient management of any project.


Trello app has more than 35 Million Registered users on it. This app comes in the top apps when it comes to organizing the projects as Asana. The app shows all the tasks of the project in the form of Kanban cards & the transparency of the project is something which makes it a perfect apps for increasing productivity in completing projects.


Todoist app was given Editor's choice award by Google in 2020. The app is pretty simple to use & helps immensly in managing daily individual level tasks and for any kind of projects.


This app has been appreciated by a lot of organizations & critics. The app has been claimed to be the best to do list app in 2020. The app is still very awesome with cool features. Some of these features are - Sleek calendar, Handy widget, Flexible Recurring Tasks.

Remember The Milk

The name might make you feel like that the app is only for managing the daily milk delivery but that's not the case. This is a Todo List app for any kind of tasks - ranging from ordering the milk to getting done the most complex tasks you have on your plate. More than a million people are already using this app so go ahead & check it out.