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Best Weather Apps For Android

Since a lot of our future travel plans & other plans dependgreatly on the weather & it ruins everything if at the last moment, the weather is not suitable so to ensure that we don't face such issues, we have collated list of weather apps which you can download in your Android Phones.

Weather Radar & Live Widget: The Weather Channel

With the help of this amazing weather forcaseter app, you can set your future plans accordingly. It gives information about everything ranging from weather maps, live storm, storm tracker to hurricane tracker, local radar etc.


The app has been downloaded by more than 100 Million users already. The average rating of this app is 4.1. It has superior accuracy in forecasting the temperature, rains. UV Index & weather warnings are very good in the app.

Weather & Radar - Storm radar

The 90 minute trend in this app is amazing. Local weather notifications & warning alerts help you take informed decisions. People lobe this app a lot. Rating of 4.5 clearly backs that point.

Weather & Clock Widget for Android

You can get whatever kind of weather related forcast you want through this app - It can be a 10-day forecast or even hourly forecast. You can check dew point, UV INdex, Precipatition, wind speed & everything you can think & want to know about the weather.


This app gives 12 week forecast to you in advance which helps a lot when planning a journey. You can even check out the next 48 hours weather forecast so you know what to carry & what not. It has more than 15 data points related to weather.

Weather by WeatherBug

Well there is not much to say about this app since It was the winner of 2019 "Best Weather App" given by Appy Awards. The awesome rating of 4.7 tells you why. So download the app now.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo weather apps is pretty accurate & has awesome UI. The flicks photos are shown according to your current location, weather & surroundings which is pretty cool.


It is the most simple weather app available for Android users. Despite being a very simple app, the app is still very intuitive. The weather animation makes you feel the weather.

Weather Underground

The app gives Today's weather conditions, option to explore heat maps, 10 day daily & hourly forecast & a lot of other amazing features. All of this happens because of more than 250000 personal weather stations updating everything.

Weather Live

This weather app is similar to other weather apps with features like lightening tracker, sunset & sunrise time, wind speed, direction, visibility & weather alerts etc.