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Fighting Games For Android

Fighting games are no longer the most popular genre, but those who still like them are among the most devoted of all gamers. Lamentably, battling games haven't been as well known or productive on Android as many would have expected, and there aren't numerous fabulous other options. There were several notable releases in 2021, as well as more subsequently. If you want something competitively fun, you'll still need an emulator. In any event, if you want to give it a go, here are the best fighting games for android.

Shadow Fight 3 - RPG fighting game

According to legend, a hero will appear to put a stop to the battle for shadow energy. He'll need to learn three battle methods, accumulate the best weapons, and take on the most remarkable fighters. The world is on the verge of a catastrophic conflict. The great energy released by the Gates of Shadows many years ago has become a weapon, and three battle tribes are fighting to determine its fate.

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 game allows you to outfit your character with a plethora of dangerous weapons and unique armor sets, as well as a plethora of lifelike-animated Martial Arts skills! Crush your foes, disgrace demon lords, and be the one to shut the Gate of Shadows. Do you have what it takes to win by kicking, punching, jumping, and slashing your way to the top?

Soul Knight

"In a time of firearm and sword, the enchanted stone that keeps the planet in balance is taken by innovative outsiders." The whole planet is hanging on a string. Everything is reliant upon you gathering the enchanted stone..." We truly can't continue to make stuff up. How about we simply feel free to impact some outsider followers! This is the game your inner mind has consistently wanted.

MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game!

MORTAL KOMBAT has over-the-top, visceral combat action! This graphically beautiful combat and card collection game bring the power of next-generation gaming to your mobile and tablet device. Assemble an elite squad of Mortal Kombat warriors and compete in the world's biggest combat tournament!

Ninja warrior: legend of adventure games

Superhuman abilities are acquired throughout many lifetimes, and these abilities are honed by famous ninja warriors over many years to enable them become terrifying warriors legends. In this ninja combat game, you will be transformed into a legendary ninja fighter. Your objective is to rescue the captives and infiltrate enemy territory to assassinate and destroy them.

Shadow Fight 4 - Arena PvP

Fight against other players in a free 3D fighting game online. Compete in two-player PVP battles or brawl for fun with your buddies. Welcome to the world of the ninja! FIGHT RIGHT NOW! 2020's Best Mobile Game (DevGAMM Awards)

Shadow fighter 2: Shadow & ninja fighting games

Shadow Fighter 2 - Ninja Fighting Games is a fantastic action game and a fantastic fighting game. This is also one of the finest offline role-playing games (RPG) and ninja combat games. This fighting game is an engrossing game as well as an adventure game. You will go through five zones, including the woodland, desert, and mountains, and Shadow Fighter will take you through a progression of levels loaded up with fabulous undertakings.

I, The One - Fun Fighting Game

I, The One is a realistic fighting simulator in which you select a mini-city warrior and join the battle arena. Defeat your opponents with spectacular boxing techniques, karate moves, and lethal MMA strikes! The aim is to drive opponents from the battlefield. You'll earn points for each punch, which will increase the power of the following one!

Terra Fighter 2 - Fighting Games

Get ready to battle! If you enjoy fight-tale dangerous brawl fight games, this zodiac killer deadly fighter game is an excellent choice. This combat fighting game is all about proving your abilities in the deadly fight tale battle arena, from vivid death fighter game visuals to lethal fighter Kung Fu and MMA Fighting techniques.

Shadow Fighter

Shadow Fighter will take you through a succession of levels that will provide you with unforgettable encounters. At each level, there is a sequence of zombie and monster battles. You will face a tough struggle at the end of each level. In this game, you will be a hero fighting against dark powers such as zombies and monsters. After each level, your skill will be improved.