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Nintendo Games For Android

Everyone knows about Super Mario, well that was launched by Nintendo. It is one of the most famous game developers. Here is the list of all the nintendo games for Android. Check it out. Hope the list will be helpful.

Mario Kart Tour

Well, it is Kart Racing Game launched by Nintendo. You get the Mario Character & you can race with upto 7 other players in your cart. The cities which are shown in the race are inspired by real cities which makes this game a super fun game to play. 50 Million+ downloads justify that.

Super Mario Run

The gameplay very much goes along the name of the game. In the game, Super Mario runs & the best thing is that the game can be played single handedly. Mario will keep on running & it will jump if you will tap on the screen. While running, there are a lot of obstacles & coins which makes the game very addictive.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

This is a different kind of a game. In this game, you can craft furniture to create the campsite according to your wish. You can unlock different kind of clothes & accessories or craft those combinations which is pretty cool. You can decorate the whole space, customize the wallpaper. There are a lot of things which you can do but you will have to check those on your own so don't wait & give this game a try.

Fire Emblem Heroes

This is one of the most oldest games launched by Nintendo - The game has been ruling the gaming industry for more than 25 years. This is a strategy RPG game with 1300+ stories for you to play.

Nintendo Switch Parental Control

This app has been launched by Nintendo to ensure that the children are not playing too much game & all the games they are playing are allowed for their age. Parents can download this app & keep a track on Monitor Playtime, set playtime limit & age restrictions in Nintendo Console.

Nintendo Switch Online

You can enhance your online playing experience using Nintendo Switch Online. You can use game specific services to check your in game stats, you can use voice chat & split voice chat into teams while playing the games.

Dragalia Lost

This Action RPG game launched by Nintendo has been downloaded by more than a million users & it has more than 60 voice characters which makes this game super awesome for the lovers of Action RPG.