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29 card game "29 कार्ड गेम " is top card games played in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Indonesia region. This is based on original 29 card game rules which has its Best AI "Artificial Intelligence" possible and we have improved the partner logic. Download our new card game version with add on themes and play offline experience. We have tried best HD graphics experience with less build size for Android phones.

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card 29 game is a addictive card games popular in south asia , also known as best trick-taking game.

29 card game free is multiplayer card game app. Best time pass game

cards 29 is most popular card game app. In some continents card 29 game also popular as 208 card game or 220 with minor variations in set of rules of botts card . Play cards with friends in this four players game and enjoy your time paas. This game has partners splitx rule in which player play as a team. this is nice card game eight off, gameplay is simple where aim of a team is to set a target/bid and reach the target. Keep Playing botts card games.

Play cards with friends, its fully offline game. Play card games google play for free

⚡⚡Feature of 29 card games google play ?
- Enjoy our all features totally free
- Works on any phone & Screen Sizes.User and CPU players
- Best trick-taking game with smooth UI/UX
- top card games free
- Play Offline single player कार्ड गेम
- Popular indian game, south asian country zone
- Played by four players in fixed partnerships
- Its a nice card game of 4 players
- New themes of set cards game
- Simple & neat interface
- Best card games popular to play with friends
- addictive card multiplayer game play with friends games
- Keep playing cards and enjoy Card games for free
- Player call it right card game 2020
- Best top card games download
- original 29 game Desi game of tass / tash khela
- Popular Indian games card
- Regular Updates
- Great option for time pass

How to play 28 card game
In 29 game, only 32 pack of cards are required for playing cards. In this cardgames, only 8 cards from each suits (Spades card , diamonds, Club & hearts card) are required to play games
>>> Jack / J - 3 gamepoints
>>> Nine / 9 number on tash has 2 game points
>>> Ace / A has only 1 gamepoint, [c{:}] = deal([10 20]
>>> Ten tash khela has 1 tad point

29 Twenty nine games also known as 28 card game. Keep playing cards and enjoy experience of trick-taking best card game 29. 20 nine game where card Jack and Nine are highest cards play in every suit and aces and eights . The game used total 32 pack of cards with 8 cards app from each suit from 52 pack of cards app. Enjoy best cards 29 offline game or 208 game. Its not a 2 player card game 29 but it requires 3 players more, sometimes game took 20minute to finish, its mind game of cards app. Now celebrity also enjoying cardgames and playing twenty 29 cards, so enjoy as celebrity game and play with friends

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