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The Azure Flame

Description of Botwr Apk

This companion app assist you in playing BotW as an item randomizer. Making use of the app's randomization algorithms and using your own set of rules, go through the game completing shrines to unlock item types. Once unlocked, use your new found items to find even more until you can beat the game. The rules are simple:

- Game starts after you obtain the paraglider from the Great Plateau
- You may not have any items or equipment in your inventory at the start of the game
- You may not use any items of the same type as those specified on the app until they have been unlocked
- Unlock item types by completing shrines and entering the name of those shrines into the app
- Collect Korok seeds and complete Towers and Divine Beasts to unlock useful hints for the location of certain items
- Game is finished once the final boss: Beast Ganon has been defeated

Play how you want, and most importantly: have fun!

For more details on how the game works see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14ftL16AGXrriRMdDb5L1lG8pRrMkgcjPWdQKxg7k4ek/edit?usp=sharing