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Dice Mafia - Board Game

Megastorm Games

Description of Dice Mafia Board Game Apk

If you want to become the new mafia king, you must use your best weapons: the dice!

Build the biggest mob gang and conquer every territory in the city in a board game made for aspiring godfathers!

Choose your favorite mob character and enter the board to wage a thrilling war over territorries and influence throughout the city!

Roll the dice, fight your rivals and take over the board in your way to become the mob king to rule all mafia godfathers!

- ROLL the dice in an exciting board game to become the new mobster king!
- BUILD your mob gang and fight tival mobs on the board to conquer new territories!
- PICK your character from your favorite mob: Yakuza, Cosa Nostra, Irish Mafia, the choice is yours!
- BECOME the most influencial mafia leader in town and rule over every other mob king!

The board is open and your mafia story is about to start!

Roll the dice now!