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Duck Hunting 3D - Duck Shooting, Hunting Simulator


Description of Duck Hunting 3D Duck Shooting Hunting Simulator Apk

Put your bird shooter skills to test as you aim and shoot to hit the target, catch ducks and become the ultimate wild birds hunting master this duck hunting season. If you have a liking for outdoor hunting games but you do not want to be cruel to the wildlife, Duck Hunting 3D Action Adventure game offers you all the freedom to polish your shooting range skills as you harmlessly hunt birds in a virtual world simulation. Whether you miss your pre-vacation hunting sport with your mate or you want to learn wild duck hunting from scratch, this app is one of the best hunting games available for you.
This 2021, Play Duck Hunting 3D – Duck Shooting, Hunting Simulator today!

Honey, I am Going Duck Hunting!
Inform the missus (or the mister) about your setting on an all-new duck hunter adventure in one of the most exciting hunting games. Search for wild ducks and shoot em up to become an expert duck hunter! Do not miss this chance of becoming a hunting master by practicing your duck shooting skills required in aim and shoot to hit the target and hunt the bird. Indulge in a cruelty-free bird hunting simulation experience in a virtual world with different locations. The wild duck shooter game offers more than 6 locations and you can go duck hunting in any season that you like!

Realistic Wild Duck Shooter
Experience the real fun of shooting ducks without harming anyone! This hunting game allows you to be your true duck hunter self, so you can aim and shoot the birds as much as you like without any guilt. Featuring 3D graphics, picturesque locations, real time duck animation and lifelike duck noises, this duck hunter game is all about offering you a realistic duck hunting experience. Immerse yourself in a world of thrilling aim and shoot gaming action as you shoot the flying birds and collect your rewards!

6 Exciting Duck Hunting Seasons
Only the person who is able to ace all 6 hunting seasons will be called the ultimate wild duck hunting master. This is your much-awaited chance to put all those years of experience and training into use and prove yourself to be an accurate shooter to aim and shoot target and hunt as many birds as you can. The 7 seasons featured in this game include:

Features of Duck Hunting 3D – Duck Shooting, Hunting Simulator
Simple and easy hunting games UI/UX
Appealing wild duck shooter game graphics and immersive experience
3D Duck hunter environments to offer a lifelike hunting experience
Move the target anywhere to aim and shoot and kill the target
Hit target as accurately as you can to increase you coin rewards and score
Kill the ducks before they hit you and mess with your aim
Lifelike duck noises and real time graphics for a realistic duck hunter experience
Complete all 6 duck hunting seasons and become the ultimate hunting master
Tap on the screen to release the shot and hit the target
Two game modes; timed game mode and championship game mode

Are you ready to be the number 1 duck hunter out there? This wild duck shooter game is the perfect pick for you. Download and play Duck Hunting 3D – Duck Shooting, Hunting Simulator today!