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Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA

Poxel Studios Games

Description of Dude Theft Wars Online Fps Sandbox Simulator Beta Apk

Welcome to Dude-o-polis!
A beautiful city where all perfect dudes live!


Dude Theft Wars is an open world sandbox game like GTA and a life simulator like GTA in sandbox & a perfect Dude Simulator in sandbox. Main objective is to enjoy the beautiful city like GTA and things it offers like GTA on a pleasant day. Drive different cars for free like GTA Explore the City in this sandbox simulator play different games inside this game for free there are different games for free like free basketball games, free duber taxi drive games, free bowling games, free zombie games and many more free games.

If you like shooting games then play the Online Fps Multiplayer mode in dude theft wars. When the call of duty arrives, the players arise and follow their call of duty, shooting games like pubg, find guns like GTA and shooting games like free fire you find all those modern war games. If you played call of duty then you are at the right place to feel the same vibes. Besides sandbox fun like GTA enjoy multiplayer fun also for free.

Everything that can be done in call of duty like killing opponents and unveiling gifts as you find in call of duty and a dude perfect life.

Dude o Polis is a beautiful city in Dude Theft Wars like GTA games. If you like to drive cars like GTA then just drive no matter what you drive, how you drive & when you drive or how fast you drive or how slow you drive, how good you drive or how bad you drive. You can play dude theft wars for free & like GTA drive different cars for free also.


Jack used to live dude life when one day a call of duty changed his life & that call of duty was the call for PvP Online FPS Multiplayer in JackStreet. Jack strictly follows his call of duty because this call of duty is Jack’s life purpose. You can play Online FPS multiplayer with others in different maps. Every player’s life is, his call of duty as call of duty is utmost priority to all the players. The one who don’t follow his call of duty can’t survive in Online FPS Multiplayer Games Mode. If you are brave and determined then let’s fight the call of duty in JackStreet.

OFFICIAL DUDE THEFT WARS is exclusively for free mobile games. Here one follows his call of duty and who don’t follow the call of duty, is dead. Play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. Poxel Studios free to play DUDE THEFT WARS like GTA has it all. PvP multiplayer mode will give you funny and action thrill in JackStreet. This multiplayer mode has currently many beautiful and stunting maps like GTA to play. Kill enemy as many times as you can in Online Fps mode to earn Dude Level.


Play different Online Fps Multiplayer maps for free with friends. PvP multiplayer modes like JackStreet, Noobtown, Parkour Playground are one of the best to experience in shooting games life simulator as well as dude simulator. Noobtown provides you call of duty TDM experience while JackStreet gives you shooting games experience like pubg and free fire. When the call of duty arises, rise from dust and fight war must. Call of duty moves the statues then why not you move on to the new Online Fps Multiplayer Games mode also. We are improving the multiplayer mode like never before & multiplayer mode have different maps and more maps will be updated soon.


☑Like GTA a sandbox simulator game
☑Best Online Fps Experience in Online Fps Multiplayer mode
☑Like GTA drive many cars in this sandbox simulator
☑One of Best Online Fps shooting games
☑Online Fps multiplayer mode with 8 & 16 players can play at a time
☑Explore Beautiful City like GTA & buildings and find Secrets
☑Like GTA do action pack stunts in slow motion
☑Experience the sandbox simulator in funny and thrilling games
☑Play mini games in sandbox simulator like GTA
☑Find gifts and cheats in sandbox simulator like GTA

Download the funniest sandbox Online multiplayer and story game now.