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Fanspole APK

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Description of Fanspole APK

Join India's only social fantasy gaming platform where you can start your own fantasy contest and play together with Friends. You have always known about Cricket/Football/PubG. Now compete by starting your own contest around sport/game you care about. Select entry fee, member limit, prize structure and prize type of your contests. Share your contests with your friends/colleagues on whatsapp and other channels. Once you start creating good contests, you can charge a % commission for it. This is customized by you during the creation. Browse contests from your personalized feed of people you follow and choose interesting ones to participate. Use your sports/game skills by creating a team or playing games and compete with other members. Get points based on your performance and win prizes. Contests on Fanspole are social. Follow your friends and interesting creators to never miss out on popular contests of your favorite sports.