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FAUG game download apk

Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd.

Description of Faug Apk

FAUG stands for Fearless and United Guards. FAUG game has been one of the most anticipated games in India ever. This craze for FAUG game apk download is because of the following reasons:

  • FAU-G game has been created by Indian Gaming company - nCore Games.
  • This game has been dedicated to Indian Armed Forces.
  • FAUG game is expected to take place of the most widely played PUBG game which was banned in India recently.
  • Government & Akshay Kumar are promoting FAU G game.
  • nCore Games company CEO, Vishal Gondal has confirmed that 20% of the net revenue of FAUG game will be donated to BharatKeVeer Trust for India's Bravehearts.

FAUG game Download apk has been searched a lot recently but before faug download apk, you should know the following things about this most-anticipated game.

  • FAUG is a multiplayer Game: Players will be able to play FAU G game with their friends since it is a multiplayer game. faug apk game download will be available soon on.
  • FAUG is an Action Game: Everyone is expecting this game to be the replacement of PUBG but PUBG was a battle roayle game but FAUG is an action game in the first release at least. Developers might release the battle royale version later on depending on the public demand. If you are a android phone user then fau g apk download for android as soon as it gets released.
  • First release or episode of FAU G game might be based on Galwan Valley: As per the speculations, it has been expected that the first episode of fau g apk will be based on Galwan Valley since the gaming company has shown a glimpse earlier in which the Indian Army was shown at Galwan Valley.
  • No data privacy related issues in FAU G: This game has been developed in India & all the data will remain on India's Data servers unlike PUBG game which was banned because there were data security concerns related to that game & player's personal information was at stake. In faug apk free download, there will not be any data privacy related issues.
  • Indian Theme: As mentioned already, faug india apk download is dedicated to Indian Soldiers & their sacrifices. It is very much clear from the game trailer & release video shared by Akshay Kumar that the game is going to be very much Indian & we will be able to relate to that. It is believed that faug game download apk for android will break all the records of all time downloads.
  • Based on real incidents: As per the current information, faug by ncore games is based on real incidents & Indians will be able to relate to the game very closely since the emotions will be real & the passion to win will be unparalleled.
  • FAUG game for Android only: Initially, the game will be launched for android users only. nCore Games might release the ios version of FAUG game later on but that has not been disclosed by the developing company yet. faug free download will be available for android users from 26th Januray 2021. Faug game download link will be available on this page on 26 Jan.

Step by step process to download & Install FAUG game

  1. First of all, download FAUG OBB File given on this page.
  2. Go to your downloads & copy the FAUG OBB file from there.
  3. Go to File Manager —> Internal Storage —> Android —> OBB Folder.
  4. Create a new folder with the name of com.ncoregames.faug within this OBB folder.
  5. Paste the FAUG OBB file here in com.ncoregames.faug folder.
  6. Now download FAUG APK file.
  7. Install FAUG APK file & here you go. Enjoy playing India’s own FAUG Game ??????

Frequently Asked Questions about Faug Apk

FAUG game will be released on 26th January 2021. You can click on the Download FAUG Game button & join our whatsapp group to get notified as soon as the FAUG game is released.

Indian Gaming company nCore Games made FAUG game.

No, it's not a battle royale game. It's an action game.

The size of FAUG can't be predicted right now as the game developer has not disclosed it yet.

You can pre-register for FAUG by clicking on the button of "Download FAUG Game" given on this page. You will be able to join the Whatsapp group in which you will receive all the updates about the game & faug game apk for android as soon as it gets released.

The same APK can work on computer as well. Just click on Download FAUG Game button & join the Whatsapp group to get all updates about the game & it's APK as soon as it gets released.

Faug game 26 january 2021 ko launch hone wala hai. Game ko sabse pehle paane ke liye Download faug game button ko click kare aur hamare whatsapp group ka hissa bane jaha aapko faug game ki sabhi jaankari aur apk sabse pehle milegi.

FAUG game can be downloaded & played on mobile & laptop both.

No, both the games are different from each other. PUBG game was a battle royale game while FAUG game apk is an action game. FAUG has been created in such a way that you will be able to relate to the action as it is dedicated to Indian Army. There are high chances that in the first episode of FAUG, we will see the action happening in Galwan valley. Glimpse of the same can be seen in the FAUG trailer.

It can't be told right now since the developer has not revealed it yet. Join our whatsapp group http://bit.ly/3oFcGMP to get all the updates about the game before everyone else.

Since FAUG game android apk is made in India & has been made with the special dedication to Indian Army so the release date of the game has been decided as 26th January 2021 which is the republic day of country India.

You can't compare FAUG & PUBG games because FAUG game has not been released yet. FAUG apk will be available from 26th January 2021.