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Gold Mining - mining and become tycoon

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Description of Gold Mining Apk

Gold Mining - Become a tycoon and mining in this tycoon game!
As a miner, you just need to dig it and get Gold and Diamonds in Gold Mining. Keep mining, and the greater the chance that you become a tycoon.
In this tycoon game, you can also merge and own miner to help you dig it automatically. ?

✔Click money cube to get idle income to become tycoon in tycoon games
✔Bug & Merge to upgrade all the miners in idle games
✔Idle Miner can help you mine automatically
✔Many props available, all of which have effect on Idle Miner and idle tycoon
✔You can switch scenes and skins as idle tycoon in this idle game

As the best one of idle games, you can easy to become idle tycoon and own idle miner. We are different from other tycoon games; We have new ways to help you become miner tycoon. If you like tycoon games, don't miss it. ?

If you have friends like idle games and tycoon games, you can invite them to join in Gold Mining. They will love this idle game and become miner tycoon like you. In this idle game, as long as your friends get diamonds, you can get profit from your friends to help you to become miner tycoon.

Idke! Become the best mining tycoon in mining games! All Gold are waiting for you to idke in idle tycoon games!

The best pastime in your free time is becoming mining tycoon to idke! Gold mining is the best choice in mining games and idle tycoon games.

Gold Mining – Fun and Special one in mining games and idle tycoon games! Let’s go and become mining tycoon now!