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Play and Win - Win Cash Prizes!

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Description of Play And Win Apk

A New Game Every hour!
Free, Fun, & Exciting trivia game
Test your knowledge & Answer Trivia Questions to collect the highest number of points & experience the thrill of winning Cash Prizes!
A New Game starts every hour with thousands of questions covering all topics, from Technology, Sports, Culture, Movies, History, Games to General knowledge etc.

• Fun Free trivia game
• New Game every hour
• Millions of players worldwide
• Climb to the top of the leaderboard
• Thousands of questions covering all topics
• Challenge yourself & others
• Invite friends and get rewarded!
• Get the highest score and Win cash rewards.

You may watch videos to Unlock free power-ups:
✔ Swap questions
✔ Remove 2 answers
✔ Ask Audience
✔ Increase question time
✔ Get More Lives

Or you may subscribe to the bundles available on P & W’s Shop;
✔Play without ads
✔ Get more lives
✔ Swap Questions
✔ Remove 2 wrong answers
✔ Increase Question time
✔ Ask Audience
✔ Play Without Ads

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What are you waiting for!

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