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Description of Rummyculture APK

Rummyculture apk is one of the most widely used app by rummy game lovers. This app allows the users to play their favourite Rummy Game online at the ease of their smartphone.

A lot of people ask if the Rummy Game is actually Legal or not. In this regard, you can be 100% assured that Rummy is completely legal in India. It has been stated by Supreme Court of India. The game was considered legal & following things were stated:

  • If in any game, the winning chances depend on skillset as well then the game will not be considered illegal in India.
  • Though in case of Rummy, the luck plays some role but you can't ignore the fact that Rummy is very much dependent on the skillset of the players who are playing it. So on this basis, you can't consider Rummy as a game of luck only.

Who launched rummyculture apk?

Rummy Culture Game has been launched by GAMESKRAFT TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. It was the very first game launched by them. After this, quite a few other games were also launched by them.

RummyCulture apk was launched in 2017 end. The popularity of Rummy Culture Game kept on increasing post its launch. Currently it has more than 1 Million downloads & an average rating of 4.5.

Why should I download Rummyculture apk?

Rummyculture apk has some of the amazing features due to which it is different & special from other online Rummy apps. Let's see the speciality of rummyculture app:

  • Fast & Seamless Game Play - In rummyculture apk, the game play is very much smooth, fastest & very seamless. Your exprience of playing rummy on this app will be great without doubt.
  • Less Size & High Speed - The online rummy app is under 40 MB which is small size since all the smartphones come with great amount of space these days.
  • 100% safe, legal & secure - Playing rummy on online rummyculture apk is absolutely safe & secure. As told already that all the games in which skillset is involved are considered legal in India now so Rummy is legal as well.
  • Trust of more than a million people - The app has already been downloaded by a million users & they love playing rummy on the app on a daily basis. Once you will download the app, you will see that how many people are live on the app almost all the time.
  • Free Rummy games Practice - If you want to improve your Rummy skills then you can do that by practicing rummy on the app. Yes, you can practice it by playing with the AI driven system so you will be able to do mistakes & learn from those before going for an actual match with another player.

On RummyCulture app, you can find all variants of 13 card online rummy game. The most popular variants are:

Points Rummy - It is one of the most popular & fastest game variant of 13 card online rummy game in India. Players prefer this match since it is quick.

Winnings =(Sum of all points that opponents get) X (Rupee value of the point) - RummyCircle fees.

Rules of Points Rummy are:

  • Players play for points which have pre-defined rupee value.
  • First move is decided on the basis of toss.
  • Each player is given 13 cards at random.
  • First card is placed openly. One card is designated as a Joker randomly.
  • The person wins who arranges the 13 cards in order or in sets. One or more joker card can be used in place of any card to complete the order or sets.
  • For winning the match, you should have at least 2 sequencing set of cards.

Pool Rummy - It is the most famous variant of 13 card online Indian Rummy Game. You can make a pool of either 101 or 202. Each of the player is supposed to give the fixed fee defined for the game. Once the game starts, winner of every deal gets 0 points & the person, who gets maximum score gets eliminated. The person who doesn't reach 101 or 202 points till end, wins the match.

Winnings =(Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) - RummyCircle fees

Deals Rummy - As the name goes, deals rummy game is played for some specific number of deals. At the start of the game, each player is given some chips and at the end of the deal/game, that player wins who has most number of chips left with him.

So you can see that Rummyculture apk is an awesome app to have if you are a Rummy lover so don't wait anymore & download rummyculture app now.