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About Us

SilkRummy rummy offers the best online rummy gaming experience on Android devices. It is powered and hosted by Silk Rummy which is the most popular rummy game website in India. While enjoying the incredible playability, SilkRummy guarantees the best performance and reliability. Thanks to the ever-expanding user base of 10 million, SilkRummy is the best place to start your rummy adventure, be it a gamble, a classic, or a rummy deal.

Amazing features for the best rummy games

The ultimate SilkRummy app comes with a great feature set. You get a real-life rummy gaming experience on an Android device. Some of the most notable features are:

» SilkRummy is home to10million Indian rummy players in total. All you need to play is an account and an internet connection. Every second, you will have another opponent to play rummy game with.
» The best SilkRummy games consume the least amount of mobile data and perform well even on 2G and 3G data connections. Thanks to the customer-friendly app, you don't have to worry about the device slowing down either.
» With the definitive SilkRummy games, there is no need to worry about losing all your chips because every four hours, players receive free chips. You can keep playing using the free chips, no matter what kind of rummy you like.

★ Variations of the Indian rummy game

You can play three popular variants of Indian rummy, known as pool, deals, and point rummy at SilkRummy.

► Pool Rummy - When you play 101 pool rummy, you have to make sure your opponents earn more than 101 points. Similarly, when you play 201 pool rummy, you have to make sure that the other players score more than 201 points while keeping your points below 201.

► Point Rummy - Also called 80 Point Rummy, this game is the most basic version of Rummy and many beginners enjoy this format before moving on to more difficult ones. In this, players can choose point values that they are comfortable with and then play accordingly.

► Deals Rummy - As the name suggests, the rummy deal is played for a specific number of deals. At the beginning of the game, players get a series of tokens. At the end of the last deal, players are ranked based on the chips they have.

► One Shot Rummy - One Shot rummy, or Deals Rummy, is another name for the Better of 1 rummy game format. Players bet a predetermined amount of money to decide the rummy game that is completed in a single deal. One shot rummy is best used as a filler game, in case there is time to wait to join your desired rummy table.

► 4/6 and 6/6 tables - In the lobby, you may see the << 4/6 >> symbol next to the gaming table in certain configurations. This setting is a unique game format, developed by silkrummy, for the billiards game format in rummy.

► Late Entry in Pool Rummy - SilkRummy is the first online rummy gaming site in the country, and possibly the world, to launch the most popular late-entry feature in the Rummy Pool game format. Just look for the <> symbol in the lobby next to the gaming table. When you see this symbol, it means that this is a table in the Pool rummy game format where late entry is allowed.

► Anonymous Tables - SilkRummy is the first online rummy game website in India to offer this unique gaming feature where players can play at certain betting tables anonymously with other players. This gives players a unique opportunity to truly challenge themselves, play against players whose style of play is unknown to them, and develop a more scientific view of the game of rummy.

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