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Solitaire Sealife: Classic Klondike Cards Games


Description of Solitaire Sealife Classic Klondike Cards Games Apk

If you love playing card games, you’ve come to the right place. Solitaire Sealife is a classic Klondike game together with ocean themes. Our solitaire is extremely fun because you can not only play the classic klondike card game but also enjoy exquisite ocean themes. Play deals, win rewards, and unlock ocean fish to liven up your aquarium and you will never get bored. It is the perfect place for you to chill, sharpen your mind, or escape from a bad day. Download it right now for FREE!

What you can do in Solitaire Sealife:
You can achieve periodical goals and win rewards regularly to get more fish and unlock decorations and aquariums.
You can enjoy our superb interfaces and ocean themes while playing the classic klondike card games.
You can liven up your aquarium with cute ocean fish, such as clownfish, royal gramma, angelfish, and so on.

Exquisite ocean themes and cute marine creatures.
Two modes of drawing cards: Draw 1 and Draw 3
Unlimited UNDOS
Unlimited HINTS
Beautifully designed user interfaces
Multiple animations, card faces, and card backs
Statistics & Score available for you to track your progress
Friendly to left-handed people
Endless deals for you to play anytime & anywhere

So what are you waiting for? Install it and start your ocean tour right now. HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always get in touch with us via email: [email protected] Your feedback is highly appreciated!