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Twelfthman APK

NxGn Sports Interactive Pvt. Ltd.
34 MB
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Description of Twelfthman APK

Twelfth Man has been launched by NxGn Sports Interactive Pvt. Ltd. in 2020. The platform is for all Fantasy Sports Lovers.

The app was first of it's kind platform as there was no Fantasy Sports Platform dedicated to Football until Twelfth Man was launched.

The name of the app has been derived from the fact that whatever sports we play like Football, Cricket etc, the supporters of the game like you are always there to boost the confidence of the team so you become a very important part of the team & are like a Twelfth Man for a 11 team squad which is on the field.

Salient Features of Twelfth Man Apk

  1. Football & Cricket at one place - Twelfth Man app supports all Football as well as Cricket Sports Matches right now. The app is ready to launch some more real money games soon on it's app.
  2. Option to participate in Free Contests for Practice - Since everyone does something for the first time so if you are new to Fantasy Sports then no worries, Twelfth Man apk has a lot of free contests for you. You can join these contests & learn how to play Fantasy Matches. Once you feel like you are ready, you can join the contests which are paid. One important thing to note here is that in Free Contests, there is no prize money while in Paid Contests, there is money prizes for top performers of each contest.
  3. First Deposit Bonus - Once you register yourself on Twelfth Man APK, you can deposit money in the wallet for participating in the contests. There are a lot of first time deposit offers on the app which gives you money if you deposit certain amount of money in the wallet. For ex - Rs 50 Bonus on Depositing 99 Rs, 2000 Rs Bonus on depositing Rs 997 Rs & so on.
  4. Multiple Payment Partners - There are multiple ways which can be used for transferring the money from Twelfth Man wallet to your Bank Account or vice versa. Some of these partners are - PayTM, UPI Transfer, Debit & Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Cashfree etc.
  5. 4.4 Star Rating - The Twelfth Man APK has been rated at 4.4 Stars which is a great rating in this field.
  6. Easy to use yet interactive interface - The app is pretty good. You can download Twelfth Man APK & experience it on your own.

Who can play on Twelfth Man APK?

There are a few conditions on who can play on Twelfth Man app. The conditions have been explained below:

  • All the users should be above 18 years of age since the users below that age are not allowed to play on Twelfth Man app.
  • The users should be from India. Outside players are not allowed to play on the app.
  • The users should not be from these states - Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Tamilnadu, Telangana.

Is there any deduction on Amount Withdrawal from Twelfth Man APK?

This is one of the most asked questions by users and the answer to this is Yes & No Both. Actually it depends on the Amount that is being won by you.

  • Net winning = Total Amount won from the contest - Entry Fee of Contest.
  • If your net winning is more than 10,000 Rs then a TDS of 30% is applied & remaining amount gets transferred to you.
  • Once this 30% TDS is deducted, no other Tax is supposed to be paid by you.